jardins à visiter Bretagne à Plélo


Here is a presentation of some of the beautiful gardens to visit near
our cottages.

La Roche Jagu :
22260 Ploëzal
web : www.larochejagu.fr

Walks for everyone, a place of dreams, relaxation and discovery. With its 74 hectares, the park offers the whole family a unique encounter with the wild and tamed. Free visits or guided tour of the castle and the park, stroll around the permanent exhibition, walk in the heart of medieval gardens or along the paths of pergolas, with family or friends, in groups or on your own, the team the domain of Roche Jagu try to get you discover the site in many ways.

Le Jardin de la biodiversité :

Vallée de Gouédic,
22000 St Brieuc

The Garden of biodiversity is a surface of 4000 m2 located at 36 boulevard Sévigné, under the 'Toupin' bridge , in the valley of Gouédic. Dedicated to creating a site for biodiversity for ecological reasons. It consists of a dry garden, flowering meadows, a space dedicated to hives, a garden of shadows, a haven for insects, birds, animals, plants, creating an environment favorable to biodiversity and development species.
Access from the city center by the 'Parc des Promenades'.

Jardin des Mélanges :

Le Carpont,
22290 Saint Gilles Les Bois

English-style garden with a visit to a witch's house. The garden is well named: harmony blends in a poetic and romantic mixture of styles: orchard, vegetable garden, herb garden etc.. Where the colors change along with the seasons and where old roses grow beside poppies.

Les Jardins de Botrain

Le Botrain
22530 Mûr-de-Bretagne

Considered as a remarkable garden. A private garden of 2 hectares. There is a Japanese garden, herb garden, green rooms, mixed English border, overflowing with light flowers, many roses, hostas and maples and an artificial lake.

Entrance fee, open from Easter to the end of September on weekends and holidays.

Click here to continue visiting the beautiful gardens near our cottages: http://www.apjb.org/fr/carte-des-parcs-et-jardins.html

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